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Happy Kitty!UPDATE FROM LORI - Still haven't settled on her permanent name yet, but when we call "Kitty" she does come running.

She's getting bolder, pulling the door open to get out of her room (we also have baby gates up to keep the dogs at bay); meowing when she hears my voice or sees us pass by; and has realized that the dogs are big, excitable things who get in trouble when they even THINK of sniffing in her direction LOL

Kitty has hissed at them, and bopped them in the nose from the safety of my lap (& with full supervision, of course) but isnt in a great rush to get AWAY from them. I see this as a positive thing that she isnt too afraid and willing to put them in their place if necessary. She was quite amusing this morning... while the dogs play outside, Kitty is given roaming-priviledges of the house...while I was getting ready for work, Kitty was curious... jumped up on the toliet seat (lid up, seat down) and after her greeting 'Meow', proceeded to dip her paw into the bowl and lick the water from it. She did this multiple times! I checked her water bowl after this of course, but she did have water to drink from there. Silly Kitty - Thank you, thank you! Lori

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